HRA Administration

A CONEXIS health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) is a great way to combat the rising cost of health care. Offering an HRA allows you to provide a valuable benefit to your employees, giving them access to funds to pay for eligible out-of-pocket expenses, while your organization reaps significant savings.

The Advantages for Employers

HRAs are similar to other reimbursement accounts, but they’re funded solely by employers. As the plan sponsor, you get to decide who can participate, which eligible expenses will be covered, how much you will contribute, and how the plan is structured, as well as other key plan components.

Most importantly, 100 percent of reimbursements are tax-deductible for your organization (or you) and contributions are tax-free to the employee. Save even more by integrated an HRA with a qualifying high deductible health plan (HDHP) that offers essential health care benefits. You’ll continue to provide employees with traditional health insurance coverage – along with an HRA plan that reimburses them for out-of-pocket eligible expenses. You will see your premium costs go down and your savings to up.

The Advantages for Employees

Health reimbursement arrangements offer several key benefits to employees, including:

  • All HRA funds used by employees to pay for eligible expenses are completely tax-free to the employee
  • The power and freedom to choose their health care services without managed care limitations
  • Teaches employees to be better, more engaged health care consumers, resulting in better health care decisions and healthier lifestyles

The Easiest Way to Pay

The CONEXIS Elite Visa® Benefit Card makes paying out of pocket and waiting for a reimbursement check a thing of the past. And with recent advances in card technology, using the Elite Benefit Card is the easiest way for participants to use the funds in their HRA.

Our proprietary card and processing system provide exciting features that make using the Elite Benefit Card a breeze, including:

  • Real-time electronic notification of card transactions and updates
  • A comprehensive monthly statement that reflects all card activity, including transactions that require further action
  • Our exclusive online repayment feature allows participants to resolve transactions and instantly reactivate their card

HRA Service Features

  • Employee communication and enrollment tools to support your enrollment efforts
  • 24/7 Web access to real-time account information for employers and participants
  • Quick claims processing and payment for traditional claims
  • Multiple funding options available to meet any employer’s needs
  • Comprehensive nondiscrimination testing options are available to ensure your plan meets all requirements

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