Direct Bill Services

Supporting your inactive employee population can be a real strain on your resources. Whether it’s for retirees or employees on a leave of absence, billing and collecting premiums and providing ongoing support to these individuals can be expensive and time consuming.

Our Direct Bill services provide flexible, employer-directed billing for retirees, surviving spouses, employees on a leave of absence (LOA) or FMLA leave, and other inactive employee populations. Following your business rules, we handle the billing, collection, and remittance of premiums and provide detailed accounting and eligibility reports. That way you can easily manage your program without all of the administrative hassles.

Customer Service

There’s much more to our Direct Bill services than just premium billing and collection. CONEXIS understands that. We’re only successful if we provide your inactive employees with the same high quality, caring service that you would provide.

Service Features

  • Flexible payment options, including mail, online, and automatic withdrawal
  • 24/7 Web access to real-time information for employers and participants
  • Powerful Web-based system manages divisional requirements and other special needs
  • Online case management system allows employers to monitor our customer service delivery
  • Extensive open enrollment support services are available as an optional service

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