Guidelines for Using Your Commuter Benefits

A commuter benefits plan is an employee benefit provided by an employer. Enrolling in a commuter benefits plan saves you money by allowing you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified work-related transit and parking expenses.

Important: Your employer must be contracted with CONEXIS for you to enroll in this program.

You will find that this plan is much more flexible than other pre-tax reimbursement accounts, such as FSAs and HRAs. Participation is monthly rather than annual. You can enroll one month and not the next — it’s your choice!

Important: Please review the following information so you are aware of the rules that apply to your commuter benefits plan. Use the links below to navigate to a specific section.

Commuter Benefits Plan Regulations

IRS Section 132 rules allow you to use pre-tax funds to pay for qualified work-related commuter and parking expenses. Remember, a commuter benefits plan is sponsored by your employer, and your employer’s plan may not include both transit and parking expenses. Refer to your benefits materials for details.

Eligible Commuter Expenses

Only work-related eligible expenses can be reimbursed under the commuter benefits plan. These expenses are defined by Internal Revenue Code Section 132 and your employer’s plan.

Transit Expenses

  • Bus
  • Subway
  • Train
  • Streetcar
  • Ferry
  • Commercial vanpool or commuter highway vehicle

Parking Expenses

  • Parking at or near work
  • Parking at or near transportation service site
  • Park and ride expenses

Important: Qualified expenses include those incurred for your transportation between your residence and worksite. Expenses for your spouse or dependents are not eligible.

Learn more about eligible pre-tax transit and pre-tax parking expenses on our
Commuter Expenses page.

Your Monthly or Recurring Order

You can order your transportation passes or vouchers one month at a time, or you can schedule a recurring order. Either way, you will receive monthly emails to keep you up to date on your transit selections and your account balance.

No more waiting in line to purchase your own passes or vouchers — you can place your order online through your CONEXIS account. When your order is complete, your passes or vouchers are mailed directly to your home. If you place your order before the order deadline, you should receive your passes before the end of the month.

Get step-by-step ordering details on our Commuter Order Process page.

Important: There are monthly maximum pre-tax limits set by the IRS. Purchase amounts more than the pre-tax limits will require you to use your post-tax dollars.

  • The monthly pre-tax limit for transit benefits is $255 for 2016*
  • The monthly pre-tax limit for parking benefits is $255 for 2016

Order and Cancellation Deadlines

In most cases, your order must be placed by the 10th of the month prior to the month you’re ordering for. So if you need a bus pass for February, your deadline for ordering the pass is January 10. The same deadlines also apply to order cancellations and other changes.

Important: Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road: The deadline for placing orders for Metro North Railroad (MNRR) and Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is the 4th of the month prior to use.

Your plan may have a different deadline. Find out specific details in your benefits materials.

If you do not place your order before the deadline, you must pay for your pass or voucher out of your pocket and pre-tax dollars will not apply.

Reimbursement Requests

There are no receipts to submit when you place your order through your online account. In limited cases, cash reimbursements for eligible commuter expenses may be included in your employer’s plan design. To find out if cash reimbursement applies to your commuter benefits plan, see your benefits materials.

Cash reimbursements require additional supporting documentation and a completed reimbursement form.

Transit and Parking Reimbursement Documentation

  • Completed and signed Request for Reimbursement Form — the form is available through your online account.
  • Receipt, unless it’s not obtainable (such as metered parking). If you do not have a receipt, check the box under Supporting Documentation on the reimbursement form.

Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 180 days after you paid for the transit or parking expense. You may submit your reimbursement request in one of three ways:

  • Online through your CONEXIS account — you will need access to a scanner
  • Fax using the number listed on your form
  • Mail to the address on your form — send copies of your receipts and keep the originals for your records

Unused Funds

As long as you are an active participant, you may carry over unused contributions to another month. Unused amounts cannot be used to reimburse you after you have been terminated, and funds remaining in the account will be forfeited. COBRA does not apply to commuter expenses.

Missing or Lost Passes, Vouchers, or Smart Cards

Transit and parking passes and vouchers are generally considered financial instruments with a cash value, and refunds and replacement passes or cards cannot be provided if missing or lost.

If you use a smart card, a replacement may be obtained with your original balance depending on the type of smart card you use. Contact CONEXIS for a replacement smart card.

* The Omnibus Appropriations Act, signed into law on December 18, 2015, allows parking and transit benefits to have permanent parity. This means the monthly pre-tax limit is the same amount for both transit and parking benefits. The parity is also retroactive to January 1, 2015, and the $250 monthly pre-tax limit set for parking in 2015 applies at the same amount for transit benefits. Please consult your tax advisor for more details.


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