Commuter Benefits Savings Examples

See How Much You Can Save

If you’re paying out-of-pocket for transit and parking expenses, you can benefit from our commuter benefits plan. Find the profile below that most closely matches your commuter situation and then see how this plan can save you money.

Commute to Work

You’re looking for another way to get to work so you can avoid high gas prices. Since there is a bus route in your area with a bus stop near your workplace, you decide to check out the CONEXIS commuter benefits plan.

It’s an easy decision to make — you enroll in the commuter benefits program and complete a recurring order. That way bus passes are mailed to your home each month. The monthly cost is $255, totaling $3,060 for the entire year.

Since you set aside pre-tax money from your paycheck to cover the transit expense, you save $918* at the end of the year — not to mention what you save on gas for your car.

Pay to Park near My Workplace

There’s no choice. You have to pay to park in the city where you work, and you’re finding that the expense is taking a toll on your bank account. It’s $50 per week for that parking spot. After looking into the commuter benefits plan, you start counting the dollars you will keep in your paycheck.

You enroll and sign up to have CONEXIS send a payment directly to your parking facility each month. Spending $250 per month using pre-tax funds means you save $900* after 12 months go by. Now that’s a smart choice to make.

Pay to Park at a Transit Site and Commute to Work

The routine is the same each workday. You get up early, drive to the train station, take the rail to work, and then ride the train back to the local station later that day. Not only do you pay for train fares twice a day, but you also have to pay to park at the station. Those expenses really add up.

So check out the commuter benefits program! You can use pre-tax money to pay for your transit and parking expenses, and placing an order online couldn’t be easier. You’ll also appreciate the convenience of having your rail passes sent directly to your home.

Sign up for the maximum pre-tax monthly amount. For 2016, that’s $255 you can apply to transit expenses and another $255 for parking expenses. You’ll apply $510 pre-tax funds toward your train fares and parking fees each month. At the end of the year, you will keep $1,836* in your bank account.

Easy ordering process. Convenient delivery to your home. Substantial savings at the end of the year. Definitely not the same old routine you’re used to.

* Based on a total income tax rate of 30 percent; actual savings may vary and are based on individual tax situations. Please discuss details with your tax advisor.


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